A Better Business Model

AMO Pharma is initially advancing an orphan drug business model that is uniquely customized to address the special considerations and opportunities in identifying, de-risking and advancing development of drugs for rare diseases. The company may also pursue acquisition of specialty therapeutics for indications representing larger patient populations with significant disease burden and no or sub-optimal treatment options. In considering opportunities in asset acquisition and joint development, AMO Pharma will target novel small molecules and biologics that have strong scientific pre-clinical validation and clearly defined paths to regulatory review and approval, and that represent opportunities to deliver a significant advance in patient care.

In its business strategy and clinical development programs, AMO Pharma maintains a constant focus on delivering value to patients. We regularly reach out to patients and patient advocates for perspectives on the impact of the diseases we are targeting and the opportunities to improve quality of care. In 2015 the company raised $25 million in private equity financing with Woodford Patient Capital Trust, a leading global life sciences investor. The funding will support planning and execution for up to four phase 2 orphan drug programs, two of which are ongoing.

The AMO Pharma business model and strategy provide the flexibility to consider and pursue a range of opportunities in clinical development, including out-licensing, acquisition of additional assets, and global commercialization.