New medicines. Better lives.

AMO Pharma is a privately held emerging biopharmaceutical company developing new treatments for serious and debilitating diseases including rare genetic disorders. Our goal is to identify and advance a robust pipeline of promising therapies for patient populations with significant areas of unmet need.

The company is led by seasoned industry professionals with extensive experience in all phases of asset acquisition and drug development and commercialization. The AMO Pharma portfolio currently includes clinical stage investigational drugs to treat neuromuscular or CNS symptoms of rare diseases. We will expand our portfolio with other promising therapies that represent important advances in medicine and patient care as well as strong commercial opportunities.

A Unique Opportunity to Make a Difference

Approved therapies are available for only about 10% of the 7,000+ known rare diseases. In addition, there are still a number of serious and debilitating diseases that affect larger populations and that do not have adequate treatments available. AMO Pharma is advancing a new model for drug development with the potential to address health challenges that collectively affect millions of people around the world. Most drug development programs, especially in orphan indications, present unique challenges. AMO Pharma combines a strong commitment to understanding the patient experience with expertise in all aspects of clinical research and global product commercialization to bring a new level of innovation and efficiency to drug development.